Home Theater Construction In My House


     Well that time has come for my HT setup in the Basement of my house. While looking for a house last year, my wife and I tried to find one with a large basement (dry of course) to setup our Home Theater. We purchased a Colonial style house with a 36x27 foundation. I am going to use 1/3 of the basement for my HT while the rest will have the mechanicals, entryway to the HT, and some on the HT equipment. Here is a layout of my theater room:

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  Here is a list of products I am using:


Electrohome 4100 FPTV from Hi-Rez (with new CRT's)

Stewart SudioTek 130 with Vu-Lux 1.78:1 92" Diag with 1.3 gain

Acurus Amps: 2-A200x3 and 1-A200

Atlantic Technology 370THX speakers creating 7.1

Lexicon DC-2 DD/DTS/THX

Crystal Image Scaler

Base Shakers on Chair

Sony HD100 HDTV/DirecTV receiver

Lutron Lighting Controls

Xbox game console

Pioneer Laser Disk player

Turtle Beach AudioTron MP3 player

Sony 7700 DVD player