Home Theater Construction Pictures: Page 2

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 Here are a few pictures of after I waterproofed the concrete walls. Although I do not have any problems with water in my basement I felt it was a good precaution. Plus it also helps keep any buildup of moisture from penetrating the wall into the room. I also used some hydraulic cement where the slab meets the wall. Usually after the slab and walls have cured, the slab pulls away from the walls. It did in my case leaving a small crack around the room where the wall and slab meet. I poured a liquid mixture of hydraulic cement into the crack to help keep any water from hopefully ever coming up, as well as any critters that may find there way under the slab. Next phase move a few water pipes and finish framing. note:(I had to use my air cleaner in the room because of all the dust and fiberglass I was stirring up.)






Here are some new pictures. Progress is slow, but moving along. All water pipes
moved to one side and will be hidden behind a soffits, which will also house some Air-Tite can lights. I have to move the central vac pipe to the area where the water
pipes are, so it can also be hidden. The back wall has a layer of sound board and will
also get a covering of drywall. I will then be building another wall in front which will give
me my final dimension. This added wall will be a few inches from the wall you see in the picture as it will help reduce the noise transferring in from the furnace room as well as keeping some of the sound isolated in the HT room. Once the rear walls are finished, I will build the soffits to house the lights and conduit to hold the electrical wiring and Audio/Video wires. Once that is done, I can have the electrical start his rough wiring. My goal is to have everything done by May of this year; I hope.....

Note my make shift screen for my ECP-4100. Can't just let it sit there and do nothing. The only problem is the projector is adjusted for a ceiling mount, so the image is upsidedown. Funny thought, your brain gets use to an inverted image. Also note my cat Saffy inspecting the work in the picture below.