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Here is a front view with the wall painted black and the carpet in. I am still working on
the front curtains which are a heavy black drapery product. I have also glued 5/8"
acoustical tiles to the front of the room to help the drapes deaden the front end.
As usual my great lawn chairs are still in use. I have ordered 2 lazy boy recliners and
a sofa. They should be in by the end of August; I hope.....











I purchased a 250K pixel 5" LCD screen which site on my table in the front row. It is
connected via composite cable to the monitor out of the Lexicon pre/pro so I can see
what is going on without turning on the projector. Its great for when I just want to play
music in the room and do not need the projector, but need to see the chapter,
DVD menus, volume setting, etc...









The black curtains are up, thanks to the help of my mother for sewing them. Behind the black upholstery fabric I glued 5/8" acoustical ceiling tiles to the drywall. The curtains are pleated and extend 1.5" to 2" away from the wall. This helped in killing some of the ear piercing treble that was occurring in the room. The curtains are stapled to the top of the wall and are free floating at the bottom. I had to use a 500w shop light to help take these pictures because the black of the room absorbs too much of the existing room lighting for the camera. The up side is the room looks great during a movie.








Here are my new seats. The small center chair is for my cat Saffy and Sponge Bob. She does watch movies while sitting in this chair. In some cases she sits on the subwoofer to get close to the action, but a 13lbs cat a few inches from a screen can have a few problem such as her fatness blocks part of the picture and in action scenes she watches the movement very intently and I am afraid she will touch the screen with her paws. Claws and a Stewart screen I don't think mix well.

The chairs are very comfortable. If they were any more, I would be napping in them. Fortunately each seat has an Aura Bass Shaker in them. The front each has one and the rear sofa has three. They are connected to an extra 200w channel I had left on my amps. It defiantly make the movies more interesting.





Here is my DTS and Back-Lit Dolby Digital next to the entryway to the HT. My wife though it was a waste of money, but you have to set the expectations as you enter the theater.... Don't you.....









Need I say more...